Hello! Welcome to Cristina Peralta Creative Studio. I love design and making it work!

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Graphic/visual design is an intel­ligent and precious tool that can make things work better and make our exper­i­ences more pleas­urable. Likewise it is the most effective way to explain about projects, companies and organ­isa­tions and defin­itely it can accel­erate action!.

Successful visual concepts must be effortless, easy to under­stand and well imple­mented down to the smallest detail.

My interest in design is very broad. My work has taken me from sunny, inventive Barcelona to inspiring, entre­pren­eurial Amsterdam. From advert­isement to edit­orial design, visual branding, pack­aging, product colour, costume & space design, anim­a­tions, digital branding throughout stra­tegic concept, art direction and art-making — I have done it all!

I work for commissions, as a freelancer or as a collaborator.

I am also happy to work together on cultural, social and development projects.

Do you have an idea, request or question? Tell me your ideas, and what you need, today!